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CCF South Pointe Hospital – Nurse Call System Upgrade


Description of Work

Mac Installation & Consulting, Teamed with SoundCom Systems and provided the installation of a new Responder 5 Nurse Call System for CCF South Pointe Hospital located in Warrensville, Ohio.

Our Scope of Work was to:

  1. Hospital area’s covered: Ground Radiology, Ground Emergency Department, 2nd Floor O.R. Area, 2nd floor Recovery Area, 2nd floor ENDO, PACU & Holding Area, 3rd floor Patient Area, 3rd floor ICU Area, 5th floor, 6th floor, 7th floor, and 9th
  2.  Install plenum M-Net cable.
  3.  Install plenum L-Net cable.
  4.  Install plenum Power cable.
  5.  Install Home run cable un-spliced to specific Tele Com rooms.
  6.  Install (1) 1” ready sleeve and (1) 3-gang MPLS wall frame per Staff Terminal locations.
  7.  Assist SoundCom technician with cabling inside patient rooms during cut over to new system.
  8. Install cable support and sleeves for clean cable installation.
  9.  Conduit and sleeves between floors are provided by others or existing.
  10.  Cable installation required the use of Hepa tents and filters, when performing work above ceiling.
  11.  Labor rate is based on normal working hours 7am to 3:30pm.
  12.  All cables will be installed and supported in accordance with EIA/TIA standards for low voltage communications wiring.  All cables will be neatly bundled and securely attached to the building structure by means of J-hook style support devices.