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CWRU – Moves, Adds, and Changes for School of Medicine Institute of Pathology


Description of Work

Mac Installation & Consulting installed one (1) Mark 3 faceplate for the School of Medicine Institute of Pathology Building, Room 115.

Our Scope of Work Included:

Base bid-Room 115:

  1. Install one (1) Mark 3 faceplate with three (3) cat-6 cables for  one (1) voice/ two (2) data, one (1) 2-strand MM fiber and one (1) 2-strand SM fiber.  Includes (3) 9’ & 15’ cat-6 patch cords.
  2. Installation requires ¾” EMT conduit and flex conduit for in-wall path to surface box.
  3. All cables will be installed and supported in accordance with EIA/TIA standards for low voltage communications wiring. Faceplate/ surface boxes and patch panels will be labeled with machine generated labels. All fire wall and floor penetrations will be sleeved with EMT conduit and fire stopped according to building code. Printed test results available after project completion.