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Horseshoe Casino – Level 143 Horizontal Cabling


Description of Work

Install Level 143 Voice/Data cabling for South Phase 2.5, installation is for Casino Management support staff and equipment.

Our Scope of Work was to:

  1. Install, terminate, label and test (30) triple category-6 user outlets, with (2) locations un- terminated with 20’ service coil’s, (2) coax RG6 TV outlets and (1) CCTV outlet.
  2. Build-out (1) IDF closet with (1) wall mount open relay rack and (1) 48-port category-6 patch panel.
  3. Install backbone cabling, terminate, label and test. Backbone cabling includes: (1) 100 pair category-3 cable to 3rd floor Security room and (1) 25 pair category-3 cable and (1) 12-strand armored Multi-Mode 50micron fiber to 3rd floor MDF closet.