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Huntington National Bank – Media Wall


Description of Work

This project provided Huntington National Bank with a state of the art 2×2 Media Wall at its Pittsburgh, PA main office.  Media wall functions will give HNB display of marketing material, login remote PC from head-end and quest lap top connection from conference room table.

Our Scope of Work was to:

  1. Install (4) cat-5e shielded cables from AV rack to Media Wall, (2) cat-5e shielded cables from AV rack to conference room table, (1) 18/2 speaker wire from AV rack to conference room ceiling and (1) cat-5e shielded cable for Crestron touch screen controller in conference room wall.
  2. (5) 46” Samsung UE46D monitors, (1) will be for a spare as model numbers and design change over time.
  3. (2) Ceiling speakers and amplifier.
  4. (1) Crestron 5” wall mount touch screen controller.
  5. (1) Wireless key board and mouse, to connect to customer supplied PC work station.  This will be for HNB personnel to do presentations remotely to Media Wall.
  6. (1) HDMI connection at Conference room table for guest PC input.
  7. (1) wall mount locking AV rack with all necessary equipment to control, operate and view media on 2×2 46” Media Wall, that will give you control of HNB presentation PC, (1) HDMI guest input connection, cable TV set top box and HNB marketing material.
  8. Labor includes: cable installation, equipment installation, set-up, testing and training.
  9. All cables was installed and supported in accordance with EIA/TIA standards for low voltage communications wiring. All cables was neatly bundled and securely attached to the building structure by means of J-hook style support devices.   All installed cables were fully tested for compliance with applicable EIA/TIA and industry standards for category-6 and category-3 cables.  Documented test results will be provided in diskette or printed form as desired.  An ‘as-built’ print was provided with all cabled locations and paths clearly identified with the appropriate cable numbers.