We “MACimize” the value of Telecommunications!

Sound Masking

Decrease background noise and increase privacy.

Reduce distractions and maintain privacy.

Featuring technology from Cambridge Sound Management, we have the ability to keep your private conversations private. Designed to protect speech privacy in:

Conference and Board Rooms

Deposition rooms

Patient exam and waiting rooms – Help achieve HIPAA compliance

Call centers

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Conference and Board Rooms

Keep your company’s sensitive information private.  We offer systems that will allow you to keep those outside of the room from being able to intelligibly make out any part of your conversations inside the room. Additionally, it will reduce distractions to your employees that work outside of the conference room.

Deposition Rooms

Information that is shared during legal depositions is quite often of a personal and sensitive nature.  A sound masking system will reduce the ability of anyone outside of the room to make sense of the conversation on the other side of the wall.  This can help reduce your client’s fears that their information will be overheard by those with no need to know.

Exam Rooms

Whether in the exam room, or in the waiting room, Hospitals and doctor’s offices need to take proactive measures to insure that patient information remains private. HIPAA compliance is the law! and enforceable with large fines.  Not only will sound masking protect you from fines, but it gives your patients the assurance that you care about protecting their personal information.

Call Centers

Have you ever spoken to someone in a call center and you hear five or six others speaking in the background?  Were you able to make out their conversations?  Chances are you have, and that could have been avoided had the call center employed sound masking.  Not only will it reduce the chance of personal conversations being overheard by other callers, it reduces distractions to your employees making them more efficient on their calls.

Product Brands

Cambridge Sound Management

Cambridge Sound Management can meet any architectural or acoustical challenge with the industry’s most advanced and diverse product portfolio

Sound Masking

QtPro is a sound masking system engineered to provide exceptional sound masking in today’s changing workplace.


Dynasound sound masking products can be conveniently and discreetly installed in the plenum or underneath raised access floors.

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