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Walsh Jesuit High School WAP Project


Description of Work

This project included the installation of a Wireless Access Point System for Walsh Jesuit High School.

Our Scope of Work was to:

  • Install (98) single cat-6 plenum cable user outlets and (98) WAP units, all cat-6 cables for WAP locations will originate from nearest IDF closet’s on 1st and 2nd floors and terminate with  (1) cat-6 jack installed in  (1) 1-port surface box or faceplate.
  • Provide and install (9) 24-port cat-6 patch panels, (1) in each IDF except for Server room on 2nd floor.
  • Install (2) 130’ runs utilizing ¾” EMT conduit in the Dome (gymnasium) for cable path to WAP devices in area.
  • Install surface mount raceway in hall ways and offices to support cable runs as needed.
  • Install J-hook style cable support in open area’s and above drop ceiling offices.
  • Install 3/4” sleeves and fire stop as needed to enter and exit walls.
  • IDF B: Install (1) 3” EMT sleeve in floor for access to 1st floor cabling and provide (1) new 2-post relay rack, (1) vertical cable manager, (3) horizontal wire managers and rack mount power strip with surge protection.
  • IDF G & G2: Install (1) 6-strand 50-micron Multi-Mode plenum fiber with (1) 1-1/4” plenum inner duct from IDF G to IDF G2.  IDF G will receive (1) new SC coupler panel and IDF G2 will receive (1) new wall mount fiber distribution panel with SC coupler panel, all fibers will be terminated with SC style fiber connectors.
  • All cables will be installed and supported in accordance with EIA/TIA standards for low voltage communications wiring.  All cables will be neatly bundled and securely attached to the building structure by means of J-hook style support devices.   All installed cables will be fully tested for compliance with applicable EIA/TIA and industry standards for category-6 cables.  Documented test results will be provided in diskette or printed form as desired.  An ‘as-built’ print will be provided with all cabled locations and paths clearly identified with the appropriate cable numbers.